Work Packages

WP1: Pilot manufacturing using ULPI (Leeds, Sheffield, York)

Masked ULPI: We currently use photolithograpcially  produced titanium metal mask for ULPI to define waveguides. We continue to use them where very high precision on the dimensions is required.  We are planning to develop reusable shadow mask for implantation in SeaMatics.  Such masks will be fabricated on various metal foils such as tungsten and thin ceramic sheets using the  laser micromachining at Leeds.    Deliverable:  Shadow masks for ULPI suitable for photonic circuit printing.

WP2: Planar integration of active and passive devices on glass (Leeds, Sheffield, York, Cambridge)

WP3: Pump laser integration on silica and tellurites (Sheffield, Leeds)

WP4: Micro-cavity lasers in silica-on-silicon and the ‘Grand Photonic Chip’ (York, Leeds, Sheffield)

WP5: Inorganic-organic composites for photonics (Cambridge, Leeds, Sheffield)

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